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Thursday, 20 April 2017


Swissgolden bullion comes with certificate of authenticity from the various refineries they are affiliated with, so you are sure of the quality of your product. Swissgolden branded goldbars comes with the added benefit of a chip,  to ensure no tampering of any form
The company offers you a portal with which to buy physical gold. You don't have to register for the bonus program, but you still have to be referred by a sponsor.


The bonus program, where active and passive income is activated.  This is the part we are most interested in.

Swissgolden is a company dedicated to the marketing of investment Gold bars purity 24 carat 999.9%. It is an online store for direct purchase of ingots of different weights. It has a marketing program, to which anyone can participate with a minimum purchase of gold and make huge profits in gold bullion. Gold bullion account is an account where you can store your Gold and be able to resell at anytime back to the company, after earning.
Swiss Golden offers a very unique bonus program that rewards their advertising partners for increasing their customer base.
Everyone must introduce at least 2 investors into the business, before you make profit in the referral program ( Though your team will give you assistance on this, Remember it's a Team Work and You are never alone, You can't feel the tables alone.
Swiss Golden is one of the Realest Networking Trends...


*#1. Sign up.*
*#2. Get your 2 downlines.*
*#3. Motivate your 2 downlines to get their 2 downlines too.*

1st thing 1st.
Don't think about the problem or difficulty of any if these steps until you've done the previous step.

For example.
Don't border thinking about getting step 3 done until you've done step 2. Or step 2 until you've done step 1.

Don't think about the difficulty of getting step 1 done.
First make up your mind that you want to do this business and all the possibilities you need will come.

When you take it one step at a time, success is inevitable.

Earnings in Gold and Euros guaranteed......👊

*Swissgolden business  plan*            
new START TABLE program:
1. A new START PROGRAM BEGINS which targets to reduce the entry points to attract the masses.
a). Prelim Start is @ €75 (€65 + €10) to earn €260
b). €200 from the €260 earner is automatically used to enrol you on main START table.
c). €60 remains with you as usual.
d). Main START table earning is €540 X 3 = €1620 + €180 = €1,800

there is an adjustment to the current main table as follows:
a). Main Table prelim entry moves from €220 to €280 broken down as follows:
Table cost €250 + internet charge €30 total = €280
b). Prelim earning moves from €800 to €1000
c). Main Table Entry moves from €720 to €740.
d) This means that you keep €260 after earning from Prelim table. Remember you used to keep only €80. You are getting better after earning from main Prelim Table.
e). The new main table Entry of €740 still retains €700 entry point but internet charge moved from €20 to €40. So Main Table Entry remains same except for internet charge change.
f). Main table earning of €2100, €2100, €2100 + €700 = €7000 remains unchanged.
All current entry and bonus rewards remain the same on current VIP and VIP plus Prelim and main boards.
a). Leadership is now elongated from level 11 to level 15 to accommodate more growth.
b). Leadership Reward Now improved with start of leader level 1 increased from €15 to €20 reward
c). Corresponding increase of 5 points inbetween growth up to leader 6 stays and growth reward shrinks to 3 and afterwards 2 from level 7.

a)The new START program will encourage those whose mantra has always been "NO MONEY TO START". It is a good way to start the Swissgolden trade.
b). Naira entry rates will be determined using the exchange rates as applicable.


Now listen to the best part of the Main Table business. The company keeps you on any main table you are for life.

As long as you keep cycling on that table, you keep getting paid the specified payout for LIFE

For example, you earn N300k from the Start Program,  N1.1m from the Main Program,  N4.6m from the VIP Program  and N17m from the VIP Plus Program for life!!!

How do u earn for life?

The main table is in cycles and each cycle contains 3 tables. Once you cycle out of 1 main table, you are placed on the next in line until you go through the 3 main tables in each cycle, you earn the payouts as you go.  

So,  on the start program for instance,  you earn N300k each time you cycle out of each of these 3 main tables.

So, with an initial investment of N46k,  you earn N900k from the first cycle of 3 tables and get positioned for a 2nd, 3rd etc.  

Yes, once you finish a cycle, a new cycle begins for you. That's how you earn for life!!!

Remember, the main table is the table you move up to after you earn your euros from the Preliminary Table, You never go back to the Preliminary Table ever again.

So,for you to keep cycling, the duplication process of 2 get 2 on the preliminary table must continue. As more people invest in gold you keep going through cycles and making your payout money from each program.

It is therefore necessary for you and your partners to plug into our trainings and information sharing platforms which are exclusively for partners, so that you can easily  get your 2 referrals and also help your new partners get their 2 for everyone to keep earning.

Yes i know your eyes are wide open now, I couldn't sleep well for weeks when this was first explained to me months ago.

*This is what we call Residual Income.*

Advantages of Swissgolden business opportunity

1. Mode rate start up cost the preliminary start table is 75€about 46k,  the start table is 200€ about 116k,  the preliminary main table is 220€ about 130k, the main table is720€ about 420k...

2. Product is a valuable assets which never depreciates, can be traded for cash even in banks, can't be destroyed and recognized even on international stock markets invested in by Governments.

3. One time investment.

4. No monthly investment or auto ship.

5. No buying and selling/hawking. U can however buy gold bars for keeps as asset and can later resell at higher rates.

6. ..its team work so we support each other build the team.

7. You need just 2 people only to qualify for the residual income of over €1m

8. Swissgolden pays fast .... U can earn €1890 (1.1m naira) in 2weeks or even less with the right team n effort. personally I feel it is a good deal to even earn just the first 1.1m

And it is just the beginning of your earnings in gold.

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Take a risk with this opportunity and invest in GOLD. Everyone loves GOLD.


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